I usually would not give this trash the time of day…

… because berating M for her age is a practice as old as the sun is bright, however, the fact that this childish vitriol is being spewed by Gentlemen’s Quarterly (GQ) of all publications is extremely disconcerting. The ageism with which people minutely critique her body is offensive as it is, but a revolting layer of sexism is added when a magazine for and by men decides go shame and objectify her all because she is an extremely confident and secure older woman who brazenly embraces her sexual agency. “That cheerleading outfit isn’t making you look any younger, Madge”, says this misogynistic journalist as if a 54 y/o self made entrepreneur needs the advice or opinion of a man to validate decisions concerning her own self, however tasteful or not they may be. 

The double standard is absolutely infuriating and saddening because, for example, no media outlet would dare tell the the 65 y/o Iggy Pop to stop parading around without a shirt because he is too old, in spite of having a body that is no less than 4x more sinewy and ~gross~ than Madonna’s! 

To run with the idea that Madonna is causing controversy and wearing ornate  exposing costumes to keep up with the young girls is utterly asinine and can only be explained by being born yesterday. We are speaking of the woman who, over the course of  thirty years, desecrated rosaries, dry humped a stage in a wedding gown, publicly simulated masturbation on a velvet bed, released soft porn music videos, set five crosses ablaze on a hill while making love to Jesus on a church altar, hitchhiked nude on a Miami highway, etc. , and like with all of these things, what she is detested for now will be admired in some capacity years later.


I apologize to my followers for bringing this negativity to the blog, but it was something I had to speak on .           

“Not only does society suffer from racism and sexism but it also suffers from ageism. Once you reach a certain age you’re not allowed to be adventurous, you’re not allowed to be sexual. I mean, is there a rule? Are you supposed to just die?” - Madonna